Information DistributionSYLOS INFORMATION


The SYLOS INFORMATION module allows distribution of relevant content to any target group (e.g. employees, contractors, guests).
It may be used for a number of purposes, e.g. training, production processes, guest service and much more.


This module allows for displaying any information / business / production content.
The module’s management panel is the central place of content distribution, which is displayed on independent endings (Players).
This solution allows you to download data from external systems and repositories. It is also open to integration with other systems.


  • Allows you to display relevant information for guests at the reception desk / gatehouses
  • It allows the presentation of training content for the employees with the possibility of viewing confirmation (e.g. health and safety instructions in production plants)
  • SYLOS Information is used on packaging lines to display product packaging instructions
  • Integration with MES or ERP systems allows for presentation of production data, e.g. directly at work stations or on panels available for management.

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