We offer software solution which allows you to centralise and consolidate various processes of production management in one place.

Frequently, production companies use a few different systems (e.g. ERP, MES, HR) as well as a lot of fringe processes. They are essential for the proper work of the factory; however, they are often dispersed and managed from different levels.

We deliver one management system allowing for integration of distributed processes in a company.
The idea of the software relies on modules which are activated from one, central place – the platform. These modules are separate elements, but they are controlled by one management system. The module is simply a digitalised manual process.

Such an approach allows for all the processes to be standardised and integrated with the central system.
Examples of processes we unify: Yard management (YMS/TMS), quality control, logistics, security management, correspondence management and visitors flow.

We support the leaders of Industry 4.0
We work for business clients in Poland and abroad. We offer full support for sectors such as: industry, logistics, manufacturing. Our experience within IoT lets us support our clients in such areas as property management or retail.


We understand the challenges facing Industry 4.0

We lead the industry representatives from the complicated to the simple, from an ineffective to a profitable processes in production and logistics. We are a team of IT engineers who have worked and implemented IT systems in the industrial sector. We know its problems and challenges inside and out.

Consulting and implementations of IT environment

Our software solutions allow you to centralise and automate distributed processes necessary for effective management of production and logistics . Our system collects data in the management centre; it can gather, integrate, and manage any type and amount of information. The modules we offer provide control over a wide range of data, which are essential for the industry to function smoothly .

We accelerate the introduction of changes in the production sector

We integrate data from any output channel. We allow our clients to be in the management centre based on high-quality, centralised and consolidated data. The scalable platform adapts to the most demanding situations within Industry 4.0

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By controlling data consistency, you act faster and more economically.

  • We integrate distributed processes, increasing business efficiency.
  • Dispersed and inconsistent data are often the greatest weakness of the emerging digital transformation strategy.
    Thanks to our solutions you consolidate distributed data.

By combining processes and analytics, you react faster to changes

  • We accelerate the introduction of production changes. You work cheaper, faster and smarter.
  • This makes your organisation more competitive and less vunlerable to sudden changes.
  • Our solutions significantly reduce the time needed to introduce a product to the market.

You have full control over multi-channel processes

  • Efficient management of multi-channel processes is currently one of the necessary conditions for achieving success in the digital transformation of the industrial sector.
  • We combine comprehensive infrastructure offer with a proprietary system for centralising processes in the production sector.
  • Thus, we lead our clients from a distributed to a unified environment.
  • From stagnation to process acceleration.

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Sylos is a software that allows you to combine many distributed modules into one analytical process
or technological silos, e.g.

This module supports the company’s logistic processes, improving cooperation of departments: logistics, security, parking service.

The module allows you to model and manage any workflow.

A solution that implements the basic functionality of a WMS class system.

The SYLOS QUALITY module provides comprehensive services for quality management.

A module that centralises the functionality of generating printouts and marking of elements in production and logistics processes.

This module allows integration of available Sylos modules with the IoT ecosystem (e.g. sensors, measuring devices).

the SYLOS INFORMATION module allows for distribution of relevant content to any target group (e.g. employees, contractors, guests).

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